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In the aftermath of the deteriorating situation and escalating events in conflict areas, with a surge in casualties and injuries due to the imposed aggression, strict blockade, and a severe shortage of medications, fuel, food, and water, the Gazze Destek Organization has declared a state of emergency to launch the Your Relief is Their Beat campaign. The aim is to provide urgent relief and meet basic needs, alleviating the suffering of the affected, displaced, and injured through its teams deployed everywhere.

Campaign Objective:

Your Relief is their Beat

Your Relief is Their Beat campaign aims to provide urgent humanitarian aid, including food parcels and meals for the displaced and affected (rental assistance and cash aid). On the health front, it targets the injured and hospitals with cash assistance and shelter parcels for the injured, medications, first aid kits, medical supplies, and fuel for hospitals and ambulances.

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Ziraat Katılım Account Numbers
Account name: Gazze Destek Derneği
Branch: İstanbul Fatih
Branch no: 18
Swift no: ZKBATRIS
Turkish Lira
TR03 0020 9000 0126 2409 0000 09
US Dollar
TR73 0020 9000 0126 2409 0000 10
TR46 0020 9000 0126 2409 0000 11
Kuveyt Türk Account Numbers
Account name: KUVEYT TÜRK
Branch: İstanbul Fatih
Branch no:
Swift no:
Turkish Lira
TR83 0020 5000 0101 8863 1000 04
US Dollar
Not Available
Not Available
Ziraat Bank Account Number
Account name: Gazze Destek Derneği
Branch: İstanbul Fatih
Branch no: 488
Swift no: TCZBTR2A
Turkish Lira
TR 5300 0100 0488 8386 7006 5009
US Dollar
TR 1000 0100 0488 8386 7006 5007
TR 8000 0100 0488 8386 7006 5008