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Gaza: Your Relief is their Beat Campaign

It is a blessed month of Ramadan, but our people in Gaza are receiving it with hearts heavy with pain, loss, hunger, and need!! With deteriorating conditions and escalating events, and a severe shortage of medicines, fuel, food, and water.

Our team continues to send aid convoys and implement numerous relief projects aimed at alleviating the suffering of the displaced there in response to their call (Your Relief is their Beat… Gaza Reviving Ramadan with Goodness).


Food Aid

Medical Aid

Emergency Aid

Sheltering the Displaced

Gaza…Reviving Ramadan with Goodness

Your donation makes a difference:
Our goal is to provide assistance to two million displaced people in Gaza… By working together, we will be able to relieve their suffering and restore their quality of life.
Our team in Cairo continues to prepare humanitarian and relief convoys, while our team in Gaza continues to implement projects for the needy and displaced to alleviate their suffering and alleviate their hunger.

31% funded